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Our Classes

FUN Yoga Classess WAUCHOPE
Monday (Jenny)

6.30 to 8am – Meditation/Early morning Yoga


5.30 to 7pm – Evening Yoga



6.00 to 7.30am - Meditation /Early morning Yoga

10 to 11:30am – Dru Yoga - Sue


5:30 to 7pm – Dru Yoga Sue



Wednesday (Jenny)

9:30 to 10:45am –Seniors/Beginners

11 to 12noon– Mums/Bubs/Prenatal

5:30 to 6:15pm Meditation/Yoga Nidra



Thursday (Jenny)

10 to 11:30am – Hatha Yoga

Friday (Sarah)

10:00 to 11.30am - Chi Energy Yoga



$15/class or $120 for 10 classes

one hour class $10

Meditation – voluntary donation to local projects

Kids Yoga - please make an enquiry to develop a class.
Personal One-on-One Yoga Class, please enquire.




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